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CSCU Commons login assistance

Enter in your Net-ID just like you do in the morning to log into your PC. 


  1. System Office, 61 Woodland: 00001234@commnet.edu
  2. Community Colleges, Housatonic: 00001234@hcc.commnet.edu
  3. Central CSU: namehere@ccsu.edu
  4. Eastern CSU: namehere@easternct.edu
  5. Southern CSU: namehere@southernct.edu
  6. Western CSU: namehere@wcsu.edu
  7. Charter Oak: namehere@charteroak.edu

Common error messages

  1. Duplicate E-mail address

    Another user already exists in the system with the same email address. You should contact the system administrator in order to solve this conflict.

    There are two reasons for receiving this error. The most common is that the credentials that you used belong to an account that is lacking any email address defined (no 'mail' LDAP attribute). You should use your own personal account instead, not a department or group account. The other reason is that you have more than one personal accounts which each have the same email address defined. You must use the account which was first used to log in to Commons.


  2. Invalid password

    Sorry, unrecognized username or password, or incorrect domain.

    One of two pieces of information needed to log in to Commons was either missing or incorrect: username or password. Your username is the unique account-name that you use to log in to computer systems at work, sometimes referred to as the Net-ID, and which gets validated against the Active-Directory (AD) database maintained by your college or university. The username has two pieces, the name and the domain. The name is typically some portion of your legal name (Joe Staff) or perhaps your Banner-ID number. The domain begins with an at-sign (@) and identifies the Active-Directory database which stores your credentials. A list of them is above. Thus, the username will look something like this: jstaff@ccsu.edu, for example.

    Guest accounts do not log in via our Active-Directory database, and they have case-sensitive usernames of the form "First.Last".

    The password is the secret phrase attached to your username. If you cannot remember your password, this Support-Center article may help. Else, this list of IT Office web-pages can be referenced. Guest account users who have forgotten the login credentials and cannot log in can contact a Site Administrator for assistance.

    Another cause for login failure is that your Active-Directory account has been placed into an unusual Organizational-Unit (OU). CSCU Commons expects that user accounts will be found in the normal Staff or Faculty unit within AD.

  3. Too many login attempts

    Sorry, too many failed login attempts. The account is temporarily flood-blocked.

    If you get this message then you tried and failed to successfully log in too many times. In order to thwart automated hacking attempts, your account has been temporarily suspended (blocked) for a short time. After the required waiting time has elapsed, you may again try to log in. Currently, the waiting time is set at 15 minutes.


  4. Unencrypted connection during login

    You are accessing CSCU Commons using an unencrypted connection. For your security, this site only supports account logins using a secure protocol such as HTTPS.

    If you get this message from the login page form then most likely your previous session has timed out and you need to log in again. Go explicitly to the Login page at /user/login and log in.